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Handmade Bikinis
What suits you?

Bold Styles. Custom Fits. You decide...

Fresh, lively, adventure driven bikinis that 'suit' any lifestyle you can dream up. Want to surf and still be wearing your bikini when you get back to shore? Done. Want to climb the local bluffs to get that perfect view of the waves coming in, or just a better view of the cute taco truck guy? Check. Tired of unintentional wedgies or the occasional nip slip? So were we. 

Alanna Dawn Swimwear was designed with the outdoor lovers, dreamers and doers in mind. We create handmade bikinis for all shapes and sizes. 

We're sorta sweet, sorta salty, sorta savage.

Are you?

sorta sweet, sorta salty, sorta savage

Alanna Dawn

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